Working Papers

  1. Urmila Pyakurel; Generalized Contraflow for Evacuation Planning Problem, Journal of Nepal Mathematical Society (JNMS) (accepted).
  2. Urmila Pyakurel; Efficient Algorithms for Contraflow Reconfiguration in Evacuation Planning, Neural, Parallel, and Scientific Computations (accepted).
  3. Urmila Pyakurel and Tanka Nath Dhamala; Partial contraflow with path reversals for evacuation planning, Annals of Operations Research (ANOR) (Under revision).
  4. Urmila Pyakurel, Hari Nandan Nath and Tanka Nath Dhamala; Efficient contraflow algorithms for quickest evacuation planning, Science China Mathematics (under review)
  5. Ram Chandra Dhungana, Urmila Pyakurel and Tanka Nath Dhamala;  Abstract Contraflow Models and Solution Procedures for Evacuation Planning, Mathematical Methods for Operations Research (Under review).